People who follow their hearts and work on their passions become masters of their fields as we have seen in many instances. We will identify your talent and enhance it for your best future. We want to produce many masters and experts from India and make India great. Follow your heart with Maasta. Take a tour through maasta and enrol now in the platform for Talent.




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Courses  For Kids

  • Experts will identify your interest in one on one session

    Starts May 9

  • Pro course to the chess by Grandmaster Aakash.

    Starts May 2

  • Karathe for Kids Free career counselling session by experts

    Starts May 3

  • Brief course about keyboard for kids. Free career counselling session

    Starts May 3

  • Cube course by Master Sripad. One of the top 3 one handed solvers.

    Starts May 3

  • Folk dance classes for kids and Free career counselling by experts.

    Starts May 3

  • A gentle introduction to space and free career counselling for kids

    Starts May 10

Courses for Teens