Platform for Talent

Exploration, Education,  Satisfaction.

Can we imagine Jackson landing punches and Ali singing pop, no right? It would be a complete disaster and this is what has been happening in our society for so long. Parents forcing their kids to realize their dreams through them. Youngsters, Backbone of Developing Nation, But their Talent and their passion are not  a big concern for people. 

Many great talents are nipped in the bud by short-sighted teachers and insecure parents leading the kids to abandon talents they are good at and further don't get a platform to prove their mettle in it. Some realize their talents very late and don't get the motivation to pursue it further or how to proceed further.

People who follow their hearts and work on their passions become masters of their fields as we have seen in many instances. So we at maasta want to produce many masters and experts from India and make India great.