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Film Reel

Maasta - Mimicry Workshop

Stars at Night

About the Course

       Have you ever dreamed of acting in a film or performing in a TV show, online videos or commercials? Then this is where you begin and take your first step into the world of media.

       We understand that you might be scared or anxious about starting this journey. The mimicry methods might look strange and complex or difficult to use. The abundance of classes, techniques, books, and acting gurus makes it scary and difficult for any beginner to start their journey into the world of media. 

       Maasta has designed a workshop exclusively for beginners to help you understand complex things with simple and straight concepts.  The workshop not only explores theoretical concepts, but also equips you with important  practical concepts and strategies to become a successful mimicry artist in the entertainment industry.


        If you are someone who has always dreamed to start your career as a media person, then this is a golden ticket.



  1. 25 + Voices  from expert

  2.  Performance

  3. Body Language

  4. How to find the opportunity

  5.  Concept creating

  6.  Content Creating

  7.  10 golden rules of  mimicry



Who will Guide You : 

Javith is a professional mimicry artist. He is a performer in Sun TV network, having more than 5 years of experience in this field. He has also taught mimicry to college and school students during the early years of his career. He has mimiced over hundred voices.

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For Price Discount:  499 INR to 99 INR


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