Music Class

Do you want to learn Dance & Bharatanatyam but have no idea where to start? Do not let the lockdown break your classical dancing spirits. Here's a chance to learn from a well-known professional dancer and unleash your dancing skills.  Maasta in association with Master Mr. Praveen  & Bharatanatyam dancer Mrs. Haripriya  is conducting bharatham class at an extremely discounted price.



Hurry and register to be a part of your classical dance journey.

Stress reliever : During this lockdown, being inside the home, online classes and exams is itself a stressful situation for students which in turn causes several other problems like trauma and depression. From the ancient times,Dance & Bharatanatyam  has always been used as a medium to entertain and reduce stress both for performing artists and the audience. (Age criteria- 4years to 18 years)


•             Benefit 1: In the end of this session kids will learn how to increase physical confidence, mental functioning and improve general and psychological wellbeing.


•             Benefit 2: Learn more insights about Dance & Bharatham and its types. The classes is to be conducted by a professional and qualified dance instructor. Being an interactive session, you can learn more details and insights about dance and types of dance styles.


•             Benefit 3: Expression, better coordination, agility and flexibility, improved balance and spatial awareness are few qualities that are must for every dancer. Use this opportunity to learn and hone these qualities from the best and showcase your uniqueness to the world.


•             Benefit 4: At the end of the course, Maasta will offer a new course at a free cost.


•             Benefit 5: Access for all workshops conducted by the Maasta.


•             Benefit6: Pro membership by Maasta. You can choose any of the courses from Maasta with an 50% offer.